Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bintulu's Fourth Boom

I meant to be writing more on modern Bintulu history this year. These are initial notes on Bintulu's Fourth Boom .
Initial Notes
Unlike the earlier three economic booms that Bintulu was fortunate to enjoy continuously over two and a half decades starting in 1979 and which were based primarily on the oil and gas sectors, this latest boom is agro-based . The new employment generators driving the fourth boom are:
a) Oil Palm Plantations - development of new estates
b) Oil - palm based industries - bio-diesel, edible oils manufacturing, oil palm bulk installations and refining
c) Main beneficiary as gateway and logistic hub for the new Regional Development Corridor, (renamed SCORE to reflect the importance of renewable energy as its main employment generator) due to the presence of Bintulu deep water port and trading houses already well established in Bintulu.
d) Aluminium smelting plant and new township situated at Similajau ( another satellite town for "Greater Bintulu" development plan strategy)
e) Tourism and tourism-related industries

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