Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bintulu's Fourth Boom Staying Power

Why is it that this fourth boom will lead Bintulu into a new era of millennium growth and prosperity?

For one, the nature of plantation and agro-based industries is that it is self-sustaining and tend to upscale itself as time goes forward. For example oil palm fruits will keep on peaking production when it matures( 5 - 15 years) and forest timbers are harvested 5 to 10 years after they are planted.

Secondly, the promising scenario of another Regional Development Authority (RECODA) smack right on the doors of Bintulu will make Bintulu its natural gateway and logistics hub because of the presence of Bintulu deep water port and established trading houses already set up during the last three economic booms. As a gateway , more foreign capital and local human will have to come principally from Bintulu because they can transfer their decades of experience and success stories to the new regional development growth areas like Mukah.

Thirdly, the readily available renewable 'green' energy source from Bakun ( hinterland of Bintulu) will help Bintulu proper to sustain more investments in light and heavy industries, on top of its existing record as the industrial showpiece of Sarawak.

Fourthly, the improved air links that Bintulu gained a few years ago with the development of an international style airport ( some 22 km from the Bintulu town proper) brings it into the forefront of tourism development by capitalising on its indigenous attractions like culture, adventure and nature (CAN). Tourism has had very uncertain fortunes during the first three booms . Domestic tourism will be given a major boost following improved road links and therefore relatively cheaper land transportation costs compared with air travel.

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