Monday, January 7, 2008

Bintulu born exCM/exTYT mends wounds

Tun Rahman cutting his birthday cake on Thursday night (3/1/o8) with Pehin Sri Taib and Head of State clapping .

Widely reported in the local press was an embrace between Tun Rahman, the Bintulu born ex CM and ex TYT with our present CM, Pehin Sri Taib. Tun Rahman was born in Bintulu on 3rd January,1928. He is now 80 years old.

The embrace was somewhat embarrassing for two groups of political aspirants in Sarawak over the years.

The first group comprised of Dayak politicians who were hoodwinked by Tun in the Ming Court affair. They were under the spell of the " shadow play" theory which is now confirmed with the embrace.

The second group consisted of a pack of insider politicians within the Parti Bumiputra ( Taib's party) who had big egos and were bent to snatch the leadership role by joining forces with Tun in an opposition party called PERMAS.

It is clear that the "shadow play " theory and the "weeding out" theory was part of a overall grand strategy to defend the forte.

Between uncle and nephew they have maintained a bloodline rule over Sarawak's politics for a sum of 35 years( and counting..)

If not for Tun Rahman, Bintulu would not have become what it is today. He was solely responsible to bring into the DUN's approval the Bintulu Development Authority Ordinance in 1978, paving the way for massive investments and confidence from Peninsular Malaysian politicians to commit making Bintulu into an industrial showpiece it is now.

However, this political gesture is yet another embarrassing reality for those who fought hard to discredit Pehin Sri's leadership role and ambitions over the way forward for Sarawak.

It would seem that Pehin Sri is now more powerful with the senior statesman clout and the aura of Tun around him. Or is it?

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